There are too many features in Evil Fantasy MMORPG!


Dynamic PVP system > In Evil Fantasy there will be lots of PVP battles just prepare yourself!


Combat system > In Evil Fantasy you can combat as you like , using magic , heavy axes , sharpest blades , great hammers and even using your own hands!


Treasure Hunting > When playing you will notice sometimes you will find a Treasure Map , well.. luck on finding it.


Mining system > You can get hard metals in the montains around the world.


Crafting system > This allows you to craft stuff with the ingredients you collect in your adventure.


Farming system > You can use seeds to get fresh fruits  and make some money from them , herbs for using magic and a few other things.


Enchanting system > This skill allows you to enchant your weapons and make it stronger , adding special abilities to it.


Extracting system > In Evil Fantasy it is possible to extract stuff from others.


Repairing system > You can repair your own gear.


Hedging system > By cutting some plants you can find expense things.


Fishing system > If you have a fishing net and a few worms you can be a fisherman!


Lumberjacking system > You can earn gold by making it a profit..logs can be used to craft stuff and you can sell them!


Arena > There will be arena challenges , full of evil creatures to be defeated!