Basic commands -> who (open online player list) ->/msg playernamehere msg here (send a message to a player) ->'msghere (send global message)

->/viewprofile evil (show evil profile)


Tips - Level up your crafting level by making Canvas , the stronger the equipment the high crafting level required to make it!

Tips - Level up your enchanting level by enchanting your weapon a lot of times with ''Firebrand'' enchant , stronger enchants requires enchant level to be made!


Getting started/first job!

Going down you will find Gen  , you notice he has a job for you , just click right on him and hit ''Job'' , you will have to hunt 5 baby spiders   to complete it!


Getting started/second job!

Right where Gen  is , you go down and right and you find Amber  , just click right on her and hit ''Job'' , its a fishing job you will need a fishing net  and some worms  for this one!


Getting started/third job!

The third job is an invasion , sometimes in your adventure you will hear a song and a text message warning you about the invasion , just go there and help killing monsters to complete!


Leveling up some skills!

Hedging: You will need a Dagger  it can be obtained by prize on first job , equip it and you can cut the plants   to find items.

Lumberjacking: You need an Axe  it can be obtained by prize on third job or can be crafted or even bought from any player , equip it and you can chop trees   down and get logs

Fishing: You will need a Small Fishing Net  you can buy it at Amber  (the second job girl) and Worms  this can be bought from amber  , hunting and farming , put the worms  in the net and then drag and drop the net  in a river by a bridge and just wait for the fishes!

Farming: You will need Seeds  , just drag and drop the seeds  on a farming spot   and get your stuff!

Crafting: You will need the correct materials for the item you want to craft and the required crafting skill level , click the crafting icon  and hit OK.

Mining: You will need a Light Mining Hammer  , equip it and you can get Ore  from mining spots